EE596A - Dynamic Graphical Models - Winter Quarter, 2013

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Prof. Jeff A. Bilmes --- Email me
Office: 418 EE/CS Bldg., +1 206 221 5236
Office hours: Monday 3:30-4:30pm, EEB-418

TA: Unfortunately, no TA for this class

Class is held: MW 1:30-3:20 PCAR 492 (this is across campus so give yourself a bit of time to get there, and read about the benefits of walking)



Homework IT-I

Homework must be done and submitted electronically via the following link here.
  1. Homework 2 Due Friday, Feb 15th, 11:45pm via here.
  2. Homework 1 Due Monday, Jan 21st, 11:45pm via here.

Lecture Slides

Lecture slides will be made available as they are being prepared --- they will probably appear here right before a given lecture, and they will be in PDF format (original source is latex). Note, that these slides are corrected after the lecture (and might also include some additional discussion we had during lecture). If you find bugs/typos in these slides, please email me. The slides are available as "presentation slides" and also in (mostly the same content) 2-up form for printing.
Lec. # Slides Print Lecture Date Last Updated Contents
1 pdf pdf 1/7/13 1/7/13 Introduction, basic definitions, Motivation, and Applications of DGMs. Template models (including plates).
2 pdf pdf 1/9/13 1/9/13 Properties of Markov chains, start HMMs.
3 pdf pdf 1/14/13 1/14/13 HMMs
4 pdf pdf 1/23/13 1/23/13 More on HMMs, HMM capabilities.
5 pdf pdf 1/25/13 1/28/13 More HMMs, Trellis, Viterbi/MPE, HMM abilities.
6 pdf pdf 1/28/13 1/28/13 HMMs abilities, semirings, start $k$-best.
7 pdf pdf 1/30/13 1/30/13 HMM abilities, First k-best algorithm.
8 pdf pdf 2/4/13 2/5/13 $k$-best algorithms.
9 pdf pdf 2/6/13 2/11/13 The 2nd k-best algorithm, island algorithm for time/space memory tradeoffs in HMMs/DGMs.
10 pdf pdf 2/11/13 2/13/13 finish $k$-best algorithms. Begin structured models, Factorial HMMs, Hierarchical HMMs.
11 pdf pdf 2/13/13 2/19/13 From HMMs to DBNs.
12 pdf pdf 2/20/13 2/24/13 DBN examples. Label bias, observation bias, CRFs.
13 pdf pdf 2/25/13 2/25/13 Label Bias, CRFS, HMMs are the same as CRFs,
14 pdf pdf 3/4/13 3/6/13 Formal DGM templates, valid vs. invalid templates, start inference.
15 pdf pdf 3/6/13 3/6/13 Inference in DGMs, left/right interface issues.
16 pdf pdf 3/9/13 3/13/13 More on inference methods via interface, search
17 pdf pdf 3/13/13 3/13/13 Approx inference, Pruning vs. Boyen Koller alg.
18 pdf pdf 3/18/13 3/18/13 Kalman, Sequential Monte Carlo, Particle filters, Rao-Blackwellization, Godsill slides.
Lec. # Slides Print Lecture Date Last Updated Contents

Actually Presented Lecture Slides, Winter, 2013

Lecture slides that were presented in class, along with all of the bugs and typos, my ink corrections of (perhaps some) of the bugs and typos, and any other little notes/discussions/drawings I drew on the slides during class. The above slides often contain more material than these as any discussions during class were added to the above after class. On the other hand, there might be a few hand-drawn figures in the below that I have not yet added to the above. Note: not all PDF readers can see the annotations in these slides (e.g., at least the Safari embedded reader on the iphone/ipad doesn't see the acrobat annotations) --- the annotations for lecture 1 were done with Adobe acrobat and thereafter using goodnotes on the ipad.
  1. Lecture 1 from 1/7/13.
  2. Lecture 2 from 1/9/13.
  3. Lecture 3 from 1/14/13.
  4. Lecture 4 from 1/23/13.
  5. Lecture 5 from 1/25/13.
  6. Lecture 6 from 1/28/13.
  7. Lecture 7 from 1/30/13.
  8. Lecture 8 from 2/4/13.
  9. Lecture 9 from 2/6/13.
  10. Lecture 10 from 2/11/13.
  11. Lecture 11 from 2/13/13.
  12. Lecture 12 from 2/20/13.
  13. Lecture 13 from 2/25/13.
  14. Lecture 14 from 3/4/13.
  15. Lecture 15 from 3/6/13.
  16. Lecture 16 from 3/11/13.
  17. Lecture 17 from 3/13/13.
  18. Lecture 18 from 3/18/13.

Discussion Board

You can post questions, discussion topics, or general information at this link.

Relevant Books

There are many books available that discuss some the material that we are covering in this course. See the end of the lecture slides for books/papers that are relevant to each specific lecture, and see lecture 1 for books/papers that are in general relevant although we will not be following any specific book in this class.

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